Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, is the star of the TLC Network television specials, The Mysterious World of Alain Nu. This unprecedented man of mystery has entertained audiences worldwide with his uncanny demonstrations that blur the line between science and the mysteries of unexplained phenomena. "To watch him is to throw out all the rules of physics. Time and space are malleable in Nu′s deft hands," said Eric Brace of The Washington Post. Alain Nu utilizes his untold powers to foretell our actions, reveal our unspoken thoughts and create seemingly impossible phenomena. He has revealed some of his secrets in two books that he authored: State of Mind: The Man Who Knows Reveals The Secrets Of Mind Over Matter and  Picture Your ESP! -- Reveal Your Hidden Powers with The Nu ESP Test. More...

"He did things I had never seen before."

Mike Weatherford, Las Vegas Review Journal

"Absolutely Extraordinary."

Wolf Blitzer, CNN

"Alain Nu is seriously mental'"

Showbiz Magazine

“Electric energy, enormous imagination

and warm appeal!”

Donn Murphy, Ph.D., Executive Director, The National Theatre



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