The original Ink Spots quartet was formed in the early 1930′s with original members Orville Hoppy Jones, Ivory Deek Watson, Jerry Daniels and Charlie Fuqua.

One of the first African American vocal groups to gain acceptance in the white community, the original Ink Spots defined the musical genre that created rhythm & blues, doo-wap and rock and roll.

If I Didn′t Care, their first hit record, was released by Decca in 1939. Many of their recordings topped the early U. S. pop charts, including The Gypsy, which was #1 for 13 weeks.

Over the years, the members of the original Ink Spots changed due to the draft, illness, death and, unfortunately, business and personal disputes. However, their contribution to American music and pop culture has lived on with the soundtracks of such box office hits as The Aviator, Radio Days and The Shawshank Redemption. TV's The Muppet Show and The Simpsons have featured their hit song, I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire.

Singer, guitarist, songwriter and record producer Lou Ragland was born in 1942 in Cleveland, Ohio, and began performing when he was 16-years old.  In 1986, Lou Ragland became the guitarist and baritone vocalist in George Holmes' World Famous Ink Spots,  organized in the mid-1960's by original Ink Spot Deek Watson and featured original Ink Spot guitarist Charlie Fuqua. 

Today, direct from Las Vegas, Lou Ragland is keeping the music and the memories alive with The World Famous Ink Spots with members Eddie Coco, Flery Bursey, Yusef Sudah, and, of course, Lou Ragland. 

From showrooms on The Las Vegas Strip to venues worldwide, the music of one of America’s most popular vocal groups ever continues to attract old and new fans alike. Today, their performances feature not only the legendary hits of the original Ink Spots, but also legendary rock & roll classics. The faces and the names have changed, but the music and the memories remain.



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